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TARNET Document Management System is a web based system allowing the corporations to manage document archive, file tracking, process of workflow as a whole electronically.

TARNET Document System has a wide range of data type. It enables basic data types such as Digital, Character, Historical, Logical, Option, special data types such as Rich Text, File Attachment, Job Object for the ERP Integration, Subject and Task and complex data types such as Table to be used easily.

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  • Authorization
  • Version Control
  • Draft/Approval/Publishing
  • Template Identification
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Word Search (Full-Text Search)
  • Hierarchical File Management, Authorization, TWAIN Scanner Coherence
  • Standard File Planning application
  • Mass Scanning, Indexing, image enhancement, OCR character reading
  • Unlimited dynamic form identification
  • Sharing on web
  • In/out file-tracking
  • File Plan, Distribution Plan
  • Storage Plan (Disposal)
  • Transfer, Debit, Refund
  • Comprehensive File Search
  • Reservation, Official Correspondence
  • Corporate Process Identification
  • Parallel, serial, provisional transitions
  • Ad-Hoc process identification
  • File-tracking integration
  • Document-based activity management
  • Delay Control
  • Performance Reporting


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